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Featured Article by Tom Newman:
The Four People Who Struggle To Lose Weight And How To Overcome It

Hi, it's Tom Newman…

When it comes to weight loss, we see that there are some people who succeed with flying colors and others who struggle time after time. These people are typically the ones who bounce around on diet plan after diet plan, never really seeing the results they're looking for and always hoping that the next diet they use will be one that will deliver them the golden ticket to their weight loss dreams.

Sadly, this is rarely the case. Often there are bigger issues at play for why they are not losing weight and unless they overcome and fix those issues, the cycle will continue.

Let's take a closer look at the four people who struggle to lose weight and what they can do to overcome these issues.

Tip 1:

The Emotional Eater

First, there is an emotional eater. This is something who just can't help but eat when they're happy, sad, tired, lonely, depressed, anxious, and so on. They try their hardest to stick to their diet plan but at the end of the day, these feelings always come into the picture and move them in a direction they didn't want to go.

The emotional eater needs to spend some time looking deep within and figure out why they are eating like they are and what they can do to stop doing so.

Until they are able to put the emotional eating baggage behind them, they're never going to get the results they're looking for. Emotional eating means additional calories are coming in when you aren't hungry and these will cancel out your deficit.

Often emotional eaters find they can stick to a diet well for the short term but then finally something happens and it's just too much and then they give in with a vengeance, eating everything they've been resisting for far too long.

Tip 2:

The Resistant Tracker

The next individual who is going to be struggling with their weight loss journey is the resistant tracker. This is someone who is trying to lose weight but refuses to keep track of it. Or they have agreed to track, but are doing so with some resistance. They track half the time but the other time they aren't.

Or they track, but don't do so with precision so they aren't really getting the full picture. So they think they should be seeing results, but their tracking is off so they aren't.

With tracking, you need to do it 100% accurately in order to be able to see the success that you're going for.

Otherwise, you're just counting numbers for fun. You'll have a rough idea, but you really can't be underestimating meals by 100-200 calories or it throws off your entire game.

Tip 3:

The Wing-It Personality

The next person who will struggle with their weight loss journey is someone who is of the 'wing it' personality. They don't track at all and don't even plan their meals. They think that as long as they choose healthy or eat similar foods over and over again, it will be enough to see results.

This person might also be someone who's more experienced with nutrition and figures they know enough they don't need to bother will meal planning in advance or tracking calories.

Don't let this fool you. You still need to go through all the steps that anyone else does. Being accurate with measuring, tracking, and planning is like following a road map to weight loss results.

When you wing it, it's like heading in one direction and hoping that you end up at your end destination. What are the chances you really see that happening?

The wing-it personality might have more 'fun' while dieting, but rarely are they more successful. The only individuals who will be successful with this approach are those who naturally don't have a high appetite and tend to skip meals out of forgetting to eat. In this case, they probably just won't eat that much anyway so will naturally be in a calorie deficit.

In reality though, this type of person is one that rarely needs to lose weight anyway.

Tip 4:

The Impatient One

Finally, the last type of individual who will struggle with their weight loss journey is someone who is lacking in patience. If you have a tendency to do a diet for a week or two and then fall off that diet when you don't see results right away, you're headed down a path for trouble.

Weight loss takes time. You need to wrap your mind around the fact that you probably will only lose half to a pound a week - at most. So if you have 10 pounds to lose, know that this will be a multi-month journey you're about to go on.

If you aren't willing to commit for that time frame, wait until you are. Quick-fix approaches rarely work and those who attempt them are often left feeling discouraged and disappointed like they will never succeed.

They will succeed - but only if they change their expectations.

So there you have the four different types of people who struggle to see weight loss and what each can do about it. If you find yourself in one of these categories of people, make sure that you take some time out right now to think about how you might change your behavior patterns so that you can get on track to a better future.

To a slimmer, happier you,
Tom Newman

Daily Affirmation: I accept myself and all my mistakes. I know that if I keep pushing myself on my diet, success will be mind.

*This is not a substitute for advice from your physician or other healthcare professional. You should always consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant adjustment to a dietary, exercise, or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health concern.