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Featured Article by Tom Newman:
The Five People You'll Want To Have On Your Weight Loss 'Team'

Hi, it's Tom Newman…

Today we are talking about your weight loss team. That's right, you need a team. Most people don't realize this and begin their weight loss journey alone and sadly, these are often the people who don't go on to see the results they are hoping for.

Having a team of people there to help you cross the finish line will make all the difference. Research illustrates that those who have good social support typically do see far better results than those going at it alone.

This said, each person on your team has a different role, so it's important to fill all the roles if you can.

Let's look at who you want to get.

Tip 1

The Supporter

The first person you'll want to have on your side is the supporter. This is someone who is going to support you through thick and thin. When you have a hard time, there are there to cheer you on.

When you're relishing in success, they are there to celebrate. When you just need to talk because you are feeling overwhelmed, you can count on them.

This person has your back and is possibly the most important person of all. It should be someone close to you who will check in with you from time to time.

Tip 2

The Role Model

Next, you have the role model. This is someone who is doing what you want to do. They are eating healthy, hitting the gym, and doing everything 'right'. They may not be at their goal (that doesn't really matter), but they are putting the effort in.

They say you are the sum of the five people you are closed to. If you are close to someone who is giving maximum effort each and every day, it is more likely that you will give maximum effort each and every day.

tip 3

The Inspiration

The third person you want on your team is your inspirational person. This doesn't have to be someone you know in real life, it just needs to be someone who you are going to look up to and strive to be like. Usually, it will be an athlete of some kind – a fitness star, a YouTube celebrity, or otherwise.

Having this person to look to for inspiration will go a long way towards helping you see greater success.

tip 4

The Coach

You'll also want to get a coach in place. Some of you may choose to hire someone to help you create a meal plan and tell you what to do. In other cases, the coach may come in the form of a program that you purchased and are now going to follow.

In either scenario, you just want to have someone or something there guiding you. You need direction if you want to get from point A to point B. Without that roadmap, it's highly probable that you will falter along the path to success.

tip 5

The Accountability Partner

Finally, last but not least, you'll want to get an accountability partner. This is someone who will check in with you from time to time and make sure that you are staying on track for success.

Sometimes people tend to go off the path and unless someone is there to ensure you get back on the bandwagon, you likely aren't going to see the results you're after. You'll stay off the path for too long, undoing all your hard work.

This person should also be someone quite close to you who you feel comfortable being honest with.

So there you have your weight loss 'team' so to speak. If you can get these roles filled, you will be one step closer to seeing the success that you desire.

To a slimmer, happier you,
Tom Newman

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*This is not a substitute for advice from your physician or other healthcare professional. You should always consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant adjustment to a dietary, exercise, or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health concern.